A Full Review Of Amazing Selling Machine

I always wanted to make my own labelled products and sell them on Amazon. These products would be better of if they were private and only supplied by me. I had some experience because i had actually sold some products there before.

However, I needed to do this on a bigger scale so i carried out some bit of research. I checked out various Amazon ebooks, free online business trainings and the Amazon’s FBA program. I even looked at the PAC (Proven Amazon Course).

I eventually landed on the Amazing Selling Machine Evolution and felt like i got what i was looking for.

This inspired me to in turn make a Full review of Amazing Selling Machine. So, what can we exactly learn from a Full review of Amazing Selling Machine?

Amazing Selling Machine Evolution: Product Overview

The Amazing Selling Machine was introduced in March 2013 by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark. It was however initially launched back in 2012 as The Amazing Money Machine. This was before the two principals discovered that the ideal and most profitable ways to generate income on Amazon were to sell privately labelled products hence the change of name. What is the product all about?

What Is Amazing Selling Machine?

The Amazing Selling Machine is basically a training program that helps you to understand how physical products are sold in Amazon. It offers a logical course procedure on how to build a private label business on Amazon that is quite profitable.

It has personally helped me a lot. I started slow but now the business is good. It took me about 6 months to recoup what i invested.

It has been over a year now and i can comfortably say that the income has increased quite drastically. Product Costs Most people complain about the price but that is expected since it is a high ticket product. There are two payment options available.

You can either make a single payment of $4997 or a $997 monthly installment payment running for 6 months.

Product Contents

The contents of the course are as follows :

  • A program touching on the business running for 8 weeks.
  • Live coaching calls also for 8 weeks .
  • Online entrepreneur community lifetime membership.
  • Private member workshops
  • 7 important business building tools.

I really liked how the course was spread. It is broken down into 8 modules which are taught in a span of 8 weeks. In short, one module per week. This not only increases your business success rate, but also your course completion rate.

The modules are laid out as follows:

1. Fundementals and account creation

2. Selecting a product deemed to make profits

3. Choosing a supplier

4. How to come up with the ideal page for your product

5. The formula for list launching

6. How to promote your product

7. Magnets review and scaling

8. How to build your brand and diversify the revenue.

The review of Amazing Selling Machine would probably not miss the pros and cons.

Pros of Amazing Selling Machine

Some of the pros i encountered included networking with other members. It enables you to easily communicate with other members dealing on the same platform.

Another pro is that you can start with a small inventory and later on grow the business at your own pace. Much like what i did. Finally, Amazon is obviously profitable.

They use their vast resources to do most of the work including shipping and customer services. Better still, you enjoy their enormous and incredible traffic.

Cons of Amazing Selling Machine

One of the most noticeable disadvantages of this program are the high cost and demand of experience.

But once you have the two, it is the right direction to take. My products also took a longer time to reach Amazon but once they got there, the rest was history.

This product works well and is quite impressive. You need to have a good sum of money though if you are to be successful in this. More money is required to produce your own private labels. Once you do this and your products are already being sourced and sold, you can sit back and watch your business grow on its own. It can even afford you the time to carry out other activities.

Amazing Selling Machine – The Full Review

Amazing Selling Machine by Matt Clark is the latest course in the series of Amazing Selling Machine programs. Designed to guide current and prospective online sellers through the process of becoming a successful Amazon retailer, the creators claim that this will be the most accomplished and comprehensive online business course available for public enrollment.

Who Is Matt Clark?

Matt Clark is undeniably a rather impressive character. Fresh out of the University of Houston, Clark started his first business aged 22. The business – an online store selling health supplements – wasn’t an immediate success. Clark muddled his way through the first month, recording sales figures of approximately $700. However, far more valuable to Clark was the experience that he picked up through throwing himself in at the deep end and trying to swim with the big boys. Clark’s learning curves were steep, because they had to be.

He quickly got to grips with the competitive world of online retail and online advertising, and things began to pick up for both his business and himself. By the age of 25, Matt Clark had invested his knowledge, time and money into starting a number of multi-million dollar companies – as mentioned previously, he is a rather impressive character. Whilst running and growing these businesses, he realised that the vast majority of people had a very limited understanding of how to sell goods and services online.

Having established himself as one of the foremost experts in online sales, Clark took the decision to use his experience and reputation to guide others who were trying to find their feet in the industry. As Amazon started to dominate the world of online retail, Clark spotted an opportunity to help others find their feet and avoid all the teething problems that start-up companies regularly go through.

The following subtopics about Amazing Selling Machine will be looked at. The Product

  • The Pricing
  • The Product

Amazing Selling Machine: How does it work?

Amazing Selling Machine by Matt Clark focuses on giving the student practical, practicable advice on how to take a product from the supplier to an Amazon listing in the most cost-effective way possible.

The program includes a set of detailed modules which teach you the basic techniques involved in buying and selling online. It’s very straightforward to navigate, and whilst there is a bit of jargon and business-specific terminology, you really don’t have to be a business whizz to understand the majority of the content in Amazing Selling Machine by Matt Clark.

Amazing Selling Machine does a great job on hammering home the advantages of being an online retailer. The overheads are low – you have no storage costs, no store rental costs, and a reduced need for an employed workforce. The program also makes a point of listing the numerous advantages of selling through Amazon specifically, focusing particularly on the Reliable and efficient shipping and straightforward order processing that Amazon offers. You don’t need to spend ages developing healthy customer relations, Amazing Selling Machine says. You just need to deliver your product on time, in good condition, at a reasonable price.

The Pricing As with all good things, Amazing Selling Machine by Matt Clark will come at a cost. The pricing of Amazing Selling Machine is yet to be announced, but we can expect some confirmation on that front in the very near future. Previous versions of Amazing Selling Machine have retailed at around $4997, and we can probably expect Amazing Selling Machine to demand a similar price tag. It’s not the cheapest program on the market, but Amazing.com claim that your returns will reflect your investment.

Given the success stories that we’ve heard from users of Amazing Selling Machine , Amazing.com are probably making a fair point. Amazing Selling Machine by Matt Clark might be the perfect way for you to kick-start an Amazon business. Alternatively, you may already have an Amazon business but are looking to expand it and increase your profits.

You will get a lot of aid from the forum and community, and the Amazing Selling Machine will take care of the rest as well.

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